Speedway Angels Inc.

We Create Memories for Children in Need.


Speedway Angels (formerly Asphalt Angels) 501c3 the main goal is to not only provide a lasting memorable experience to special needs children but also enlighten and bring awareness to the public of the challenges these children face on a daily basis.

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Fundraiser (this page is still under construction) The clothing is for illustration purposes only at this time. Please do not attempt to purchase just yet. There are a few items under the More Apparel to choose from Button that can be purchased if you want to

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We want to educate the world about children with Disabilities and other organizations that care about them as much as we do. We are hoping that with cooperation from the many organizations in the world today we can accomplish our Missions.

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Phone: 615-308-8192
Email: speedwayangels@yahoo.com

EIN: 46-1305596