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Speedway Angels (formerly Asphalt Angels) 501c3 the main goal is to not only provide a lasting memorable experience to special needs children, but also enlighten and bring awareness to the public of the challenges these children face on a daily basis.

With assistance from the professional stock car racing industry and many available resources, we will provide an invaluable wealth of knowledge to those families and individuals who have been directly impacted by the many struggles faced daily by children with special needs. With these resources, we plan to provide a once in a lifetime experience that can be carried with all involved for the rest of their lives.




Speedway Angels seeks to bring awareness to various diseases and illnesses afflicting children while providing a professional stock car racing experience with them. We will seek and qualify children to participate in weekly professional stock car racing events.

During this week, we will schedule activities for the chosen child(ren) and their caregivers that surround professional stock car racing. Each week, we want to travel to that week's professional stock car racing event location, arriving by Wednesday.


Our Goal

Our goal is to have a segment with announcers on TV before the race to talk about the selected child(ren), the accommodations professional stock car racing circuit makes for special needs families to attend events, and local organizations that are available to assist all individuals with Special needs. We will also provide this information on our website and Social Media as well.

Speedway Angels will purchase/have donated a car with professional stock car racing logo look with sponsors' logos, and our logo. The car will be transported to each race for display and to provide the child with an on the track experience. The whole event will be videotaped and a copy will be provided to all involved that request a copy(Pending Prior Approval by Nascar and Affiliates required).

We developed this website so families can submit an application above just by clicking on Kids Consideration. The family will provide us with information about any special requirements, the child's favorite professional stock car driver, etc., doctor's information, medications the child takes, dietary requirements, needs the family has but cannot afford, organizations they belong to or have received assistance from for the child; and the child's school with contact information.

The Board of Directors will review all applications, verify information, and select recipient children. Children will be chosen based upon need, the child's love of professional stock car racing, and the immediacy of the child's condition. We will select one child per race week. Our goal is to select children close to the race location but we may provide travel accommodations to a race.





Speedway Angels. will hold fundraisers and sell related merchandise every week to assist us in accomplishing these tasks week after week throughout the professional stock car- racing season. The organization will set up a booth at each event where event patrons can purchase related merchandise and written material to help others become educated on the child's disability. We also anticipate holding a special event the day before the race to raise additional funds. We would be honored for local Foundations involved in associated disabilities to join us during fundraising events.

Funds raised at this event will go to local 501(c) (3) organizations working with the condition that week's child has. the national organization's family receives help from or families that need assistance. Our goal is for funds to stay in the state, if not the city, the event is held in. Prior to distributing funds. Speedway Angels. will review the organization's history, past use of funds, and verify 501(c) (3) status. The Board of Directors will choose recipient organizations based upon their ability to help the family and the success of the organization.
We intend on implementing a similar program soon for other Motorsports events.

We do not want these amazing Angels to miss out on anything anyone else can experience. Together we can all make a lasting Memory for a child with disabilities. Do not DIS their ABILITIES.


We want to educate the world about children with Disabilities and other organizations that care about them as much as we do. We are hoping that with cooperation from the many organizations in the world today we can accomplish our Missions.

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